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Certified Professional Photographer

Image by  Melissa Sigler .

Image by Melissa Sigler.

One of my 2018 goals was to take the Certified Professional Photographer’s exam through Professional Photographer’s of America, in which I am an active member. After brushing up on my lighting ratios, exposure equivalents and all the other technical aspects of photography I sat down to take the exam and I am happy to report that I passed on the first try! After passing the written exam came time for the portfolio review. The portfolio review requires you to assemble a portfolio of images based on a specific set of requirements. You must show that you can apply the principles of photography in the studio. Some of the images I was required to show included an image with a 3:1 lighting ratio, an image lit with Rembrandt lighting and a high key image. About a week later, I was delighted to see an email in my inbox stating that I passed the portfolio review!

Setting goals for myself is what keeps me going in life. I find it best to write down my goals. There’s just something about writing down your goals that holds you accountable. Once you start checking off those goals it’s time to create new goals and continue to push yourself!

Emmalee Schaumburg